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Birthday Cookie Space Dust 800mg

Birthday Cake Cookie Crumbs (Space Dust) that is great as a topping for ice cream, milkshakes, and yogurt. Or mix

Biscotti Strain

Biscotti Strain or Biscotti Kush is a rare and potent Indica dominant hybrid (Indica-80% & Sativa-20%) which is a cross

Black Bar – 1000mg

20 dose Korova Black Bar contains 1000mg THC.

black diamond strain

Black Diamond Strain, also known as “Black Diamond OG” and “Black Diamond Kush,” is a popular indica marijuana strain from

Black Widow

Black Widow is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing South American with South Indian Sativa. This strain is

Blood Orange Sativa Enhanced White Chocolates 50mg

50mg THC per container, 5mg THC per chocolate. Our Blood Orange White Chocolates are Sativa enhanced, making them the perfect

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese is an indica cross created by crossing a Blueberry male with an original U.K. Cheese (a Skunk #1

Blue Frost

Blue Frost is a hybrid that balances the genetics of Blue Monster and Jack Frost to create a 60/40 indica-dominant

Blueberry Muffin

Blueberry Muffin, also known as “Blueberry Muffins,” is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain made from a cross of Blueberry and

Blueberry Muffin CBD Vape Cartridge | 1ml

Solvent-free and sourced from local organic farms, our pure CBD cartridge contains full spectrum CBD to instantly soothe and calm

Blueberry Muffin Live Resin (CBD)

Our Live Resin CBD Concentrate is pure, potent, and loaded with all the medicinal benefits of the full cannabis plant

Brownie Truffle Bites 50mg (5 count)

Chocolate-lovers rejoice! We combined our award-winning Fudgy Brownie Bites with a rich chocolate buttercream frosting and coat them with pure