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Ripple Pure Beverage Enhancer 100mg 10-pack

Each perfectly precise packet of Ripple Pure 10 contains 10mg of cold-water-soluble THC. Use it to infuse ANY liquid (beverage,

Root Beer Elixir – 100mg

Root Beer has come a long way since its commercial debut in 1800’s. We’ve taken the classic earthy, spicy bite

Sativa Basic Brownie 75mg

Inspired by the tradition of fine boutique baking while combining cannabis-infusion techniques with a loving passion and knowledge of quality

Sativa Citrus Shot 50mg

Boost your energy & stimulate your mind with a fast acting Citrus Sativa shot! ENJOY Shots are slightly carbonated water

Sativa Double Chocolate Charge 50mg

Organic fair-trade chocolate, cocoa, and a hint of espresso charge up this decadent sativa-dominant chocolate fudge. Made with 50mg THC

Sativa Sour Gummi Bears 300mg 15-pack

Are you tired of wondering if the next gummy you try will keep you here on planet earth, or send

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies [10pk] (100mg THC)

Chewy inside, crisp edges, and a perfect ratio of cookie to chocolate chips. Ingredients: All-purpose flour, butter, sugar, brown sugar,

Snickerdoodle Cookie Square

Snickerdoodle Cookie Square – The cinnamon spice and Tahitian vanilla in these luscious confections create a warm, well-rounded body high

Sprinkle THC Dissolvable Supplement: Purely Simple 10 mg THC

Sprinkle dissolvables are flavorless, odorless single-serve powder packets filled with precisely dosed Nitro THC™ cannabinoids. Mix into water, juice, coffee,

Strawberry Lemonade 300mg CBD Gummies

Your daily dose of CBD wrapped up in a chewy burst of strawberry lemonade. Experience CBD edibles, and you’ll never

Strawberry Rose Tart, 1:1 ratio

Chia seed dough filled with mouth-watering fruit goodness. Our tasty strawberry-rose tarts are dosed with 10mgCBD & 10mgTHC. This one

Sweet and Savory Pretzels 100mg

Sourdough pretzel bites coated in a sweet and savory glaze topped with fresh ground herbs and spices. 100mg THC. Vegan