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Berry Bomb Bites

The Berry Bomb Bites look and feel like a fire cracker in your mouth, because sometimes the best medicine is

Chocolate Chip Cookie – 10mg Single

Organic sugar with Maldon sea salt. Creamy and rich. Salty and sweet. Available in: 10mg x 1 10mg x 6

Chocolate Chip Cookie Square

The perfect chocolate chip cookie for easy, specific dosaging as a square dunkable treat. Conveniently dosed at ~100mg per cookie

Chocolate Chunk Sandwich Cookies with Peanut Butter Filling

These chocolate chunk cookies contain both dark and milk chocolate chunks, sandwiching a rich, creamy peanut butter filling. our cookies

Coconut Sandwich Cookies with Butter Cream Filling

Our coconut cream sandwich cookies are tender and chewy, balanced with a buttery light creamy, coconut filling. These cookies are

Cookies n’ Cream Cookie 110mg

Homemade from scratch, amazing taste and the right softness that will make you want to eat the whole cookie in

Cosmic Cacao Peppermint Cookie

10mg THC per cookie/50mg per box Athletes need quality fuel to move well. Because good carbs are essential for optimal

Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookies [10pk] (100mg THC)

Chewy inside, crisp edges, and a perfect ratio of cookie to chocolate chips. Ingredients: All-purpose flour, butter, sugar, brown sugar,

Snickerdoodle Cookie Square

Snickerdoodle Cookie Square – The cinnamon spice and Tahitian vanilla in these luscious confections create a warm, well-rounded body high