Are Cannabis Strains Useful for High Blood Pressure?

Cannabis Strains

There is an endless debate on the medical use of cannabis strains. Some arguments deny the healing properties of cannabis. At the same time, there are experts’ opinions about the curing ability of cannabis. When discussing the best cannabis strains for high blood pressure, you should dig deeper to find out the truth rather than assume. Much misinformation about cannabis and its benefits is flowing on the web. Researches are still on the go; therefore, it would be too early to conclude the medical benefits of the cannabis strains.

Hypertension or High Blood Pressure 

Hypertension is another term for high blood pressure used in the medical industry, and it is a severe health problem that can lead to the risk of heart stroke and numerous heart diseases. As per American Heart Association’s data, approximately 103 million American adults are suffering due to hypertension. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s data is more threatening in this case. The data indicates that around 50,000 deaths in America are caused due to hypertension. The CDC says that hypertension costs around $131 million per year to the economy. 

Primary Reasons For High Blood Pressure? 

There are numerous reasons for high blood pressure. When the heart pumps, the blood flows through the vessels and is transported across the body. Blood pressure calculates the force of blood on blood vessels. Hypertension is dangerous because it compels the heart to pump harder to ensure blood flow through the body. It can potentially cause kidney-related issues and failure of the heart. 

The following are some major risk factors for hypertension. 

  • Obesity or overweight 
  • Craving excessive salt in the diet 
  • Mental stress
  • Sleeping disorders 
  • High alcohol consumption 
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Chain smoking 
  • Genetic transfer of hypertension  

Hypertension is a notorious health issue. In many cases, doctors can’t recognize any symptoms of high blood pressure; this is the reason why people call high blood pressure a ‘silent killer.’ If symptoms are not recognized timely, it can badly affect blood vessels, kidneys, and the heart. Commonly, high blood pressure symptoms are headache, anxiety, insomnia, sweating, nose bleeding, etc. 

Are Cannabis Strains Useful For High Blood Pressure?  

Quite a few researches are conducted to find out the impact of cannabis on high blood pressure. Therefore, it is inconsiderate to suggest any cannabis strain to relieve high blood pressure. Instead, it is crucial to pay attention to specific signs and reasons to determine if cannabis strains can be helpful in it. 

Considering a particular condition, cannabis strains that reduce stress can help manage high blood pressure, as we have already mentioned that stress is a significant contributor that stimulates hypertension. However, one should not consume weed to deal with high blood pressure, and there is a deficiency of clinical information concerning this, so making such claims would be unwise. 

A single dose of CBD (Cannabidiol) per a study can lower blood pressure. Though the test was conducted on healthy volunteers, whether the amount given to volunteers was impaired or pure extract is still unclear. 

5 Potentially Useful Cannabis Strains For High Blood Pressure 

Millions of people consume marijuana with the hope of managing health issues like high blood pressure. It might be because cannabis helps them to feel relaxed and content. There is no dying that low-stress levels can significantly help in maintaining the right blood pressure, and cannabis does it effectively. Followings are some popular cannabis strains that help reduce stress, and those who consume them feel elevated and less stressed. 

Mac 1 Strain 

Mac 1 strain, popularly known as “The MAC,” is a cannabis hybrid strain produced by combining Alien Cookies F2 with Miracle 15. Mac 1 is a strong strain that consumers are seeking out for its uplifting and balanced effects. However, Mac 1 is unique in that it cannot be grown by just anybody. This aromatic cannabis strain provides a highly-balanced hybrid impact. While consuming, users may experience utmost relaxation, happiness, and a sense of euphoria. Talking about its benefits, it increases appetite and helps with pain, stress, and insomnia. 

Gusher Strain 

Gushers strain is known by various names, including Fruit Gushers and White Gushers; however, these names may relate to phenotypes. We suggest Gushers for early evenings when you just want to relax and do nothing, but not when you’re ready for bed because the strain won’t make you drowsy. It might be a pleasant evening put-down for those who struggle with anxiety, depression, headache, and tension. Although it has relaxing properties, it swiftly makes the consumer lazy.

Ice Cream Cake Strain 

Ice Cream Cake is a marijuana strain that was created by crossing Wedding Cake with Gelato #33. This strain has sedative properties that will leave your mind and body fully calm. Ice Cream Cake has a creamy taste profile with sweet vanilla undertones and sugary dough. Medical marijuana patients and consumers indicate that this strain has relaxing benefits that help with pain, sleep, and anxiety.

Biscotti Strain 

Biscotti is a hybrid marijuana strain that is produced using Galeto 25 and Saur Florida OG. Consumers of this Indica-dominant strain have reported experiencing reduced stress and feeling relaxed and content. As the name suggests, it tastes like cookies and gives a hint of petroleum.  As the strain has a THC level of 21%, medical patients prefer it for relieving stress, depression, and anxiety. 

Slurricane Strain 

Slurricane strain is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain produced crossing Purple Punch and Do-Si-Does. It is known for giving a relaxing effect that gradually lowers. This strain is considered ideal for relaxing after a long and tedious day. Medical patients use this strain to reduce the symptoms associated with stress and insomnia. Consumers can get Slurricane Strain in berry, grape, and blueberry flavors. 

Those who wish to feel relaxed and stress-free in their spare time can opt for these popular strains. Availing them is quite easy and convenient with All Cannabis Depot. It is one of the USA’s popular online weed dispensaries. 

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